How To Throw A High Pass In Madden 23

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To perform a High Pass, hold LB (Xbox) or L1 (PlayStation) as you're pressing the respective button of your desired receiver.

The passing game is a vital part of any offense in the NFL, but one wrong move can lead to an interception and a turnover on the offense’s end. In order to avoid any potential mishaps, users can throw a high pass to avoid throwing the football right to a defender. So how can you throw a high pass in Madden 23? Let’s take a look.

To throw a high pass, you must first call a passing play. You can do this in the huddle or at the line of scrimmage with an audible to really throw off the defense. Once your play is in place, hike the ball and wait for your receivers to run their routes. After you hone in on the receiver you want to throw to, follow the command below to throw a high pass:

For Xbox: Hold ‘LB’ and the receiver’s button
For PlayStation: Hold ‘L1’ and the receiver’s button

The arc of a pass is controlled by how long a button is held down. The length of the button press for a pass actually works inversely to the length of the ball’s flight. Because of this, players need to quickly press and release the button to throw a looping, high-arc pass in Madden NFL 23.

Also, high passes work extremely well in conjunction with taller receivers and aggressive catches. If you have a taller receiver, then all the better since they’re going to be above the defender even more. For example, Marquez Valdez-Scantling is an excellent Wide Receiver option. He is not only 6ft 4inches tall and has stable and solid stats, but he is also the most cost-effective player. Spend a little madden 23 coins to get him, and he’s the budget beast.

Simply put, it’s a vitally important tool for any Madden 23 player. For more Madden 23 guides, feel free to browse our Madden game hub!