Affiliate Level Marketing

Make Money By Referring

If you want to participate in this program, you must first

answer the following questions positively:

1. Do you enjoy working at the computer and surfing the Internet?

2. Are you patient, tolerant and optimistic?

3. Do you believe that you can set up a home office without fraud and with almost zero capital?

4. Can you work at your computer for about one to two hours a day for at least a month to achieve success?

If you can only answer YES to these four questions, you are in the RIGHT PLACE.

Our system is different from all similar programs so far.We kept the main idea because this program is GOLD.The changes were made in order to comply with the conditions of Turkey. (Legal Procedures, translation etc.)

Very respected guests;

Galaxies Union Inc.I am explaining the affiliate marketing system to you;

The system works like this:


Register on our website.

Our website is a social networking site that provides domain hosting and web software services.

By logging in after registration

Click on the page and copy your affiliate link on the relevant page and save it to your file.

Share your affiliate affiliate link on social media, on the internet, via e-mail or by sending a message on whatsapp.

When users who register with your affiliate link become a STAR or Vip member on our website, you earn 20% commission.

When the person who becomes a STAR member on our website with your recommendation collects members on the website with his/her referral link,

You earn 10% commission from their sales.(Level 1 Generation)

If the people they recommend register a new STAR member with their affiliate link after they become a STAR member, you will earn 5% bonus (2nd Level Generation)

If a new STAR member registers with their affiliate link after becoming a member of the people they recommend, you will earn 2.5% bonus (3rd Level Generation)

Your earnings:

You = 20%

1st Generation Member = 10%

2nd Generation Member = 5%

3rd Generation Member = 2.5%

Recommend to users who buy our membership packages in the win model;

1-year .com domain name (Domain Name Registration)

1 year web hosting service

Installation tool for the website (Wordpress or in-house developed software)

Sample Themes

E-book in .pdf format with free Google SEO success training training

Free e-book in .pdf format with website setup information

It is given as a gift.

The STAR membership plan is $50 USD.

For detailed information about the terms and conditions;

You can start by registering on our website.

If you register on our website, training on sales and marketing will be provided free of charge by our company.

What is an Affiliate Affiliate?

Affiliate Affiliate is one of the ways individuals earn the most on the web.It is where a single person creates free marketing by promoting your products or services to new potential customers.People who do this earn commissions through customer interaction or purchase.However, this is only a basic explanation.Theres a little more to increasing your earnings with affiliate marketing.

Setting up an Affiliate Affiliate can help bloggers increase their current income and even truly monetize their blogs.As with anything, there are different strategies and ways to create and use affiliate marketing.Here are the essential information and examples.

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