The Ghost King is married ...

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It's my fault for not resolving the crisis. It's my fault for making things worse and worse. You are so good to me, but I can't save you, I am really useless!

It's my fault for not resolving the crisis. It's my fault for making things worse and worse. You are so good to me, but I can't save you, I am really useless! "Don't cry, don't cry, it's not your fault." Chen Wenyue raised his sleeve to wipe her tears, and in the middle of raising his hand, he suddenly found that she had grown up, not the little girl she used to be, and he had to avoid suspicion. But when she cried like this, he looked at her and felt a little sad. Nope Ji Qingyi's tears are more fierce: "Yue cousin, you do not understand, this is my fault." Chen Wenyue comforted her clumsily: "Don't cry. There are so many people coming and going. People think I bullied you." Seriously, it was the Chen family that dragged her down. How could it be her fault. Ji Qingyi hurriedly looked around, the yard was quiet, and the servant girls all hid and disappeared like frightened quails. She sighed with relief. In a hurry, she forgot her present identity, but now the house is managed by herself, and her weak appearance would not be decent if she was seen by the servants. Chen Wenyue's mood was originally very heavy, it can be seen that she forgot to cry and look around in a hurry, so she couldn't help laughing. As soon as his smile bloomed,High Speed Nail Making Machine, he remembered one thing, and his face sank again: "Qingyi, are you all right outside the building?" Outside the building! How could cousin Yue know what happened to her outside the building? Does he also know about Xu Lingchen? Ji Qingyi felt guilty for a while. His eyes dodged and he dared not look at him. "It's nothing. I'm standing in front of you, aren't I?" "I'm glad you're all right!" Chen Wenyue also felt that his concern was chaotic: "On my way back, I passed the building outside the building, and the building outside the building was on fire." Chapter 92 second watch. "Fire!" Ji Qingyi was startled: "Are there any casualties?" She remembered what Xu Lingchen had told her to leave it alone and that he would deal with it. When Chen Wenyue saw that her face had changed, he hurriedly said, "Don't worry,Nail machine supplier, because the fire started from upstairs. The guests were evacuated in time, and the fire was soon extinguished." That's good, that's good. As long as no one else is killed or injured. It's just Miss Tao who had dinner with you. Remembering that he was passing by on the street, Chen Wenyue paused: "Something bad happened. The fireman saw it. Her reputation is completely bad. Don't walk around with her in the future." Ji Qingyi's heart missed a beat. Tao Bizhi had something to see, she naturally knew, but did not expect Xu Lingchen would use this method to make public. He did not come forward himself, but used the way of setting fire, so that others would only regard it as an accident, and would not suspect her. You really deserve to be Xu Lingchen. You are much more powerful than her. I won't walk around with her anymore. Ji Qingyi thought that there were others besides Tao Bizhi. He said, "Actually, Tao Bizhi didn't like me. She said I invited me to dinner and made amends to me. In fact, she didn't have a good heart. I went to sit down and came out on the pretext of boredom. Then she didn't go back, but came back by carriage." "In fact, I don't want to go at all, Coil Nail Making Machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, but Meng Jingyu used provocation, in front of so many people, I must promise to go." "I know." Chen Wenyue actually heard about what happened that day, and he was very angry in his heart, but Meng Jingyu's identity was not something he could provoke. He only hates his own incompetence, so he will let others run wild at home. It's just that he didn't want Ji Qingyi to know about these things. He just whispered, "It's a mediocrity not to be envied. As soon as you entered the palace, you got the favor of Aunt Jiang and the emperor. Miss Tao was jealous of you.". Miss Meng, on the other hand, was dissatisfied because you were so famous that you stole her limelight, so she was particularly targeted at you. "But not in the future. Miss Tao is notorious. I'm afraid she won't come out to socialize in the future.". As for Miss Meng, the fire, others are all right, but she was seriously injured, was carried out, life and death do not know. Ji Qingyi could not help drooping his eyelids, Xu Lingchen solved Tao Bizhi and Meng Jingyu as soon as he made a move, or in the case of undetected, in comparison, his fighting capacity is too bad. Had it not been for Xu Lingchen, she would have been trampled into the mud by those people. When Chen Wenyue saw that she did not speak, he thought she was frightened, so he whispered, "I'll send you back. I guess Qingtai should go to your yard and wait for you." "No, cousin Yue, you go back to rest, I can go back, you are tired for a day and a night, it is time to rest." Chen Wenyue saw her look good, no longer reluctantly, the two broke up at the intersection. Ji Qingyi returned to his yard, accompanied Qingtai to eat, comforted him for a while, and called the stewards everywhere to knock a few words, after getting the assurance of the stewards, she was a little relieved. Most of the stewards were directly appointed by Mrs. Tai, and they had also experienced great storms. Although they were a little flustered at first, now they saw that the Royal Guards were just guarding the door and did not ransack the house, and they slowly calmed down. Ji Qingyi called the crowd to disperse and hurried to Mrs. Tai's yard. Out of such a big thing, she just wanted to hurry to Mrs. Tai's side, listen to her talk about what countermeasures in the end. He went straight to the door of Mrs. Tai's main room and was about to lift the curtain when he heard the voice of a young woman inside. …… Grandmother, as you can see, when my father-in-law is imprisoned, we are also in prison, and there is no outcrop of the family that befriended us on weekdays.. It's Li Yuecheng! She didn't see anyone all afternoon, but she didn't expect to come at this time. Ji Qingyi instinctively stopped and held his breath. Now the princess is sick again. Even if she is not sick,wire nail machine manufacturers, she can't count on it. The king of Guang has already been defeated. What can she do as an empty princess? There was a bit of anxiety in Li Yuecheng's voice: "The prince of Zhou is willing to help us. This is the last straw. He just wants Qingyi's sister. He is not a concubine, but a wife. Three matchmakers and six hired a lot of princes and concubines. He will never humiliate Qingyi.". As long as you promise to have him outside to deal with us, why can't we get through this crisis? 。